The Art of Mind Reading

Mind Reading

August 19, 2015

Mind reading has been around for centuries, It has astounded men and women alike all over the globe. But what is it really? It is gererally regarded as some sort of almost magical ability to read and map someones thoughts based on their body language, information given about their lives and their emotions. Otherwise known as "mind sight" it is thought to tell someone a great deal about a person's thoughts, feelings and actions. But is this really the case? Lets investigate. Mind reading seems to be more than a case of "ballhy hoo" logic. It has been used for centuries mostly to understand the nuances of people's emotions. It is used in several industries , either tacitly or practically to understand a person better. It has been used to look at the emotions of actors, read the body language of prospective employees and pick up subtle nuances in the interview rooms of police stations. Now whilst the experts involved in these situations will probably not agree that that is what they are doing, essentially, if they thought about it that is exactly what is going on They are using unspoken signals to understand the person they are dealing with better. We all do this kind of "mind reading" tacitly. That sense of getting a "good" or "bad" feeling about someone is based on principles of looking at behavior, a person's tone of voice, their body language and what they are saying to you in the context. Now whilst this is not akin to understanding someones thoughts, it is in fact a kind of "mind reading". This is because we are studying the person closely to understand their motives and to predict actions they may take. This is actually, understanding their way of thinking and how they apply this in their day-to-day life.

However, is their any scientific evidence available to suggest that we can perform this kind of mental digging? Well neuroscientists at a number of universities can now see a difference in brain activity according to what a person is seeing. At Yale University it was shown that a different kind of brain activity could be mapped according to the pictures of faces that a person was shown. They believe that this in fact was the brain's inherent response to reading faces and trying to figure out what the intentions and thoughts of that person were At Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh a neuroscientist, Marcel Just is looking into brain activity to see if we can use a device to predict things like telephone numbers just by looking at objects. For example, if you need the number of a garage for you car, just by looking at your car and imagining the garage you can predict the number. Sound a little far fetched? Well not according to Just. He is dreaming of the day when we can go around predicting people's thoughts i.e. literally making our thoughts public knowledge. At the moment current MRI-blood flow technology helps read our instincts and emotions by examining the blood flow to our head. However, this is not like a portable device that Just is talking about where we can walk around with it and hear other peoples thoughts. This kind of technology is still about 5- 10 years away, if it will happen at all Then of course, there is the general kinds of human rights issues that go with this Does it not invade our privacy to have our thoughts read? Does it not cause a restriction to freedom of movement if our thoughts are to be read everywhere we go, therefore possibly making us not want to frequent certain places? These are certainly issues which would be brought up if such a technology were to become available. So whether you think it fact or fiction, there is definitely the possibility that one day our thoughts could be read and understood. But currently this seems a little more like fiction. For many reasons, even if this kind of technology becomes available it may not be for public use 


The World of Telepathy and Mentalism

August 9, 2015

One of the most interesting of all psychic powers that human beings are capable of is represented by telepathy, which is in short terms, the ability to communicate with other persons only by exchanging different types of emotions and feelings. In another words, this incredible power called telepathy is actually not using spoken words as a normal communication would do because it takes place at a higher level and that is the human mind. 

The first steps into the world of telepathy 

It has been said that only a very low percentage of the entire population of the global map has developed this type of higher communication, while the majority of persons are not inclined to this psychic ability due to different factors, such as the lack of belief in the existence of telepathy. Despite that, everyone has the possibility of learning how to develop their "mind-to-mind" communication skills but only if they start to focus more on some essential aspects of mind reading. 
In order to be able to transmit different thoughts or emotions towards a specific person, you will first need to learn how to relax both mind and body to create the perfect balance between them, which is a crucial thing in developing your concentration skills. With the increasing of your concentration power you will become more aware of your inner self and therefore, your self believe will reach a high level as well You can go ahead and try out some breathing exercises used by yoga trainers to get rid of the accumulated stress, tension and any environmental distractions which may interfere with your relaxing process. 
How to send a telepathic message I Practice, practice and more practice 
After a period of time you will certainly be able to reach a relaxing state of mind much easier than before. This is the moment when you can start to develop your telepathic skills by following this simple guidelines: 
1. Find a parterner who you feel close to and who will play the role of the "receiver" of your unspoken message. Maintain a small distance from your parterner and try to avoid sitting in a room which has too much noises. 
2. Begin by relaxing your mind and visualizing yourself telling your partner what you want to transmit while filing your telepathic messages with the corresponded feelings in order to create a better transmission of the message. 
3. Imagine your message entry the mind of the receiver under the form of a color because it has been discovered that telepathic messages travel with a higher speed than light does. 
4. Ask your partner about the message you tried to sent to him or her In general, your intuition will tell you if the sending of your telepathic message was succefull or it failed. You don't need to worry if your partener did not receive the message because it will take time and lots of practice in order to be able to actually send it Truth is that some of you will need more time than others. 



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